Empowering Curious Minds

& Open Hearts



As a tiny home person & passionate environmentalist, I prioritize sustainability. I enjoy traveling & exploring the many beautiful landscapes & natural phenomena this world has to offer. I’ve always felt a pull to explore. Nature is where I feel connected to something greater than myself. That’s my why for living small – a desire to be more in tune, to harmonize & connect with our natural world. To witness the abundant beauty & life this world has to offer. Our decision & process to “live small” absolutely forced us to distinguish want from necessity & along with that, reconcile exactly how much of how many resources we consume day-to-day.

To me, sustainability is about continually reducing our waste & creating productive systems that are affordable to implement. Developing natural, efficient systems that reduce artificial inputs & prioritize the health of our local communities.  I believe that’s where our future is. 

When I’m not self-suspending, my rope top is my husband, Ryan. Our yearn for adventure took us to Florida for some time to explore the coast. I had fallen in love with the water long ago but what started as a dream devolved into heartbreak as we stepped over the trash along the beaches on our walks & swam through the plastic pollution on our swims. I saw the impact that our human presence was taking on this dreamscape & was determined to do something about it. I began volunteering with local organizations to rebuild & protect the marine & coastal habitats. I also began researching tiny home living to see if & how we could make that dream a reality.

We made the switch to tiny home living in February of 2021. I’ll admit, the journey hasn’t been easy, but it’s one that will allow us to consciously prioritize the health of the environment through our sustainable living practices each & every day. My lifestyle as a queer ecosexual is one that allows me to practice respect as a form of reciprocity & commit to living mindfully towards myself, others, & our environment as a dynamic extension of nature. 

Kink & Bondage

As an artist & rope top, rope is a medium that when applied to the human canvas simply cannot be ignored. The clash of the living, organic human body with the geometric lines of the rope created with intricate knots & holds absolutely captivates me. 

As a rope bottom, there’s something about the structure, texture, & pressure of the rope that allows for a complete surrender that I have yet to find anywhere else. It allows me to feel completely safe & creates a forced reconciliation of anything that I may have been ignoring in my mental headspace. I am forced to feel it, breathe through it, & then let it go. After each session, I feel lighter – mentally, emotionally, physically, & spiritually.

The journey to self-suspension has been filled with moments of surprise & delight. I often find myself merging two seemingly contradictory concepts, or at least those that are often framed as “one or the other”. Self-suspension requires me to be adaptively fluid to interchange between the head spaces of top & bottom, dom & sub, active & passive energies. It challenges me on a whole different level by bringing together complementary opposites in my truest version of self-discovery.

Education over Titillation

Sex educator

I volunteer at the Center for Positive Sexuality, a non-profit that “addresses social issues through sex-positive research & education.” 

Off the mat, I own and operate LCF Writing Services LLC, a queer-owned digital content agency. I collaborate with licensed psychologists, clinical sexologists, and certified sex therapists to understand their goals and how I may assist them through various writing and graphic design services.