Learning to fly
with Tangled Wings

a statement of conservation

Celebrating nature to promote harmonic homeostasis.

Learning to Fly with Tangled Wings promotes environmental conservation through ecosexual writing, design, & photography by integrating the practices of minimalism, yoga, & rope to achieve wellbeing of body, mind, soul, & spirit.

Empowering Curious minds
& Open Hearts

Adult language, imagery, & nudity is used throughout the site. If these offend you, please go elsewhere. We believe in reclaiming our sexual curiosity, exploration, & voice through open, honest communication & ownership of our desires by practicing safe, consensual, & dare we say, fun, kink. We hope to inspire sex-positive conversations by shedding the sticky emotions of embarrassment, guilt, or shame that we may have previously acquired & that continue to taint our perspective. As part of nature, we hope to normalize sexuality. Sex & pleasure is good for us – mentally, physically, emotionally, & spiritually. 


finding the flow:
No judgement
no fear

At the nexus of science & nature, we observe & examine the body through an anatomical lens with directionally-based asana paced & practiced along with the rhythmical cycle & beat of the breath. As we progress in our yoga practice, we layer in our rope bondage practice. 

Receiving an Experience

As rope “bottoms”, we are rooted in our physical bodies, as we spread our wings & fly in our mental bodies.

offering an experience

As rope “tops”, we are rooted in meditative mental presence, as we dance with flighted fingers in our physical bodies.

we are a

Kink is a lifestyle.