Learning to fly
with Tangled Wings

Ecosex & Sacred Sexuality: where analytical meets mystical

Integrating the practices of rope bondage & yoga to mindfully explore the body’s nervous system & promote wellbeing.

At the nexus of science & nature we observe & examine the body through an anatomical lens with directionally-based asana paced & practiced along with the rhythmical cycle & beat of the breath. As we progress in our yoga practice, we layer in our rope bondage practice. 

Join us as we delve further into our practice & study the nervous system through self-study & creative collaboration. We explore questions like “Why does it feel so good, to feel so good?” as we explore the sheaths of being human as an intangible existence in a very tangible body.

Empowering Curious minds
& Open Hearts

Learning to Fly with Tangled Wings celebrates nature & promotes environmental conservation through ecosexual writing, design, & photography by integrating the practices of rope & yoga to achieve wellbeing of body, mind, & soul. 

Adult language, imagery, & nudity is used throughout the site. If these offend you, please go elsewhere. We believe in reclaiming our sexual curiosity, exploration, & voice through open, honest communication & ownership of our desires by practicing safe, consensual, & dare we say, fun, kink. We hope to inspire sex-positive conversations by shedding the sticky emotions of embarrassment, guilt, or shame that we may have previously acquired & that continue to taint our perspective. As part of nature, sex & pleasure is good for us – mentally, physically, emotionally, & spiritually. 


finding the flow:
No judgement
no fear

Receiving an Experience

As rope “bottoms”, we are rooted in our physical bodies, as we spread our wings & fly in our mental bodies.

offering an experience

As rope “tops”, we are rooted in meditative mental presence, as we dance with flighted fingers in our physical bodies.

we are a

Kink is a lifestyle.