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A Sustainable Practice: Mind, Body, and Sexuality

A natural alignment

As it stands, there is palpable tension between the state of our physical environment & the expected longevity of resources given the rate at which we are currently consuming. The erosion of our planet has been rapidly accelerated by our human presence. The evidence is shown in our warming global temperature, our rising, plastic-filled oceans, our shrinking forests, & our trash-laden beaches. As a human populous, we need to unite on actionable items & holistically commit to a more sustainable lifestyle. We need to heal our earth & secure a safe, abundant for future generations.

We take a yogic approach to environmental conservation as we aim to educate & raise awareness about the importance & urgency of environmental recovery. We strive to add value to those already working towards harmonic homeostasis & mobilize support for future restoration & conservation efforts. In our exploration and practice of ecosexuality, we prioritize the care and sustained nourishment of our mental and physical bodies for the well-being of our body, mind, soul, & spirit. 

Environmentalism & Minimalism

less is more

As an extension of nature, we strive to holistically align with the wellness of the earth through our daily choices & prioritize the health of our environment by doing more with less. Minimalism often brings to mind images of stark interior design or organized pantries. Minimalism, to me, is about stripping away the unnecessary attachments, as discovered through yoga & symbolically expressed through rope, that bring undue stress to ourselves & our environment. Join me on this adventure as we explore what it truly means to do more with less. 

positive sexuality and yoga

"My goal as a yoga teacher is to create an equitable space that values inclusivity."
Larissa Farrell
Yoga Instructor and Sex Educator

As a yoga instructor, I strive to create inclusive, diverse, equitable, and intentionally-safe spaces for folks to practice. I value that each of us brings something unique to the table and I believe in celebrating and nourishing life and love. 

I advocate for sexual health by volunteering with the Center for Positive Sexuality as a Sex Educator. I hope to contribute to a sex-positive culture by creating educationally-curious content for the Kink, BDSM, LGBTQIA+, GSRD, and Ethical Non-Monogamy communities. This often includes having conversations about consent, the human health and treatment of BDSM practitioners and professionals, the ethical construction and maintenance of consensual nonmonogamy and polyamory in relationship structure(s), and generally “kinky” activities inclusive of the roles, structures, dynamics, and the vast possibility found therein. 

authenticity and belonging is foundational to every practice

inclusive Spaces

a harm-reduction, trauma-informed, holistically-inclusive space


We take a harm-reduction lens and believe in reclaiming our sexual curiosity, exploration, & voice through open, honest communication & ownership of our desires.  We’re here doing the work to commit to safety and creating safe spaces. We hope to inspire sex-positive conversations by shedding the sticky emotions of embarrassment, guilt, or shame that we may have previously acquired & that continue to taint our perspective. and our mental wellbeing as a complete person. That being said, we are not doctors or mental health professionals. First and foremost, we are students. We are on our journey, just as you are on yours. 


Patanjali was a grandfather of yoga & thought to have lived somewhere between 200-500 B.C. He gave us Ashtanga Yoga, an eightfold path designed to train the mind, breath, & body to attain self-realization through spiritual enlightenment. 

The Yamas & Niyamas are the spiritual groundwork upon which all other limbs are filtered through. Asana, Pranayama, & Pratyahara primarily deal with the inward flow of source energy, our interpretations & digestions of reality, & how these perceptions affect our internal landscape. Through these practices, we develop an internal awareness & connection to our physical & energetic bodies & hopefully better understand how we allow our ego mind, associated attachments, & the energy surrounding us to influence us. 

In Dharana, Dhyana, & Samadhi, we reverse the flow of energy & practice using our discernment through our intelligent mind & willpower to align our authentic expression in a way that allows us to speak, think, & act from a place of kindness, compassion, & most importantly, truth, without attachment or possession.  

If used responsibly, our senses allow us to connect with what is true & authentic to our internal realities instead of attempting to match the many possible attachments & constructs as offered in our external realities. Through the work & sustained practice of yoga, we begin to see ourselves as a vessel capable of transforming the energies & inside of ourselves & with that, capable of influencing the energies surrounding ourselves, permitting us an increased understanding of the fluidity & interplay of our sensual & source energy.  We have also aligned our ropes practice with the varying anatomical practices as they correspond to each element. 


The Environmental Side of Yoga

Sustainable Body. Sustainable Mind.

At the nexus of science & nature, we hope to normalize sexuality. Sex & pleasure is good for us – mentally, physically, emotionally, & spiritually. 

Blessings to my journey,
and to yours.

Receiving an Experience

As rope “bottoms”, we are rooted in our physical bodies, as we spread our wings & fly in our mental bodies.

offering an experience

As rope “tops”, we are rooted in meditative mental presence, as we dance with flighted fingers in our physical bodies.

The erotic side of nature

“Originally and naturally, sexual pleasure was the good, the beautiful, the happy, that which united man with nature in general. When sexual feelings and religious feelings became separated from one another, that which is sexual was forced to become the bad, the internal, the diabolical.”

– Wilhelm Reich