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The Everyday Extraordinary

Capturing moments in the simplicity of black and white allows me to focus on perspective, angles, contrast, texture, lighting, and emphasis. Everyday Extraordinary, a black and white photography portfolio, honorably attempts to capture the essence of each location we visit with our tiny house on wheels. 

In exploring the concept of ecosexuality through the lens of black-and-white nature and travel photography, I question the frequently assumed binaries and dualities present in so many subtopics of subscribed sexuality.

With any luck, this blend of techniques and intention offers the viewer of the photo a visceral and sensory experience of the moment, object, and vibe. Through this image work, I hope to encourage sex-positive conversations while highlighting the beauty of how it feels to be both nature and human.

As a voice of environmental conservation, I aim to highlight the interweaving of our relationship, influence, and impact on the natural world. I offer gratitude by capturing only moments of vast experience as a living, breathing, fragment of that natural world. 

In gratitude, I capture these everyday, extraordinary moments of beauty. Because sexuality isn’t just in the bedroom.

March 2023 - Present

Anacortes, WA

I would like to acknowledge that I reside in the traditional homelands of the Sauk-Suiattle Indian Tribe. Through these photos and our ongoing commitment to a sustainable lifestyle, I hope to honor our deep connection to and co-habitancy with the lands, waters, and peoples of that area.

being human is messy
I'm all tangled up in it