Empowering Curious Minds

& Open Hearts

The Earth as a lover, not a mother


At Learning to Fly with Tangled wings, we believe that all life is intrinsically connected by & to the uniting concept & energy of nature. We are individual & varying expressions of that underlying unity & sameness. 

By developing our understandings of the natural world, we are able to better learn how to live in sync with it & as part of it, instead of imposing upon it. To study & co-exist with & as part of nature is our practice of ecosex. We prioritize this relationship by respecting & caring for our environment in a way that offers gratitude for the many resources it offers us. Through this practice, we create a sustainable relationship with the earth to facilitate the health & wellbeing of our natural world & as an extension of that, the health & well-being of ourselves.

We believe in treating nature, including ourselves & each other, with the utmost love & respect. Where as a mother may tolerate bad behavior out of love for a child, the earth does not & it must be treated with care in order to continue to provide the resources we require to live on this planet. As an extension of nature, we strive to create a sustainable relationship with our regional ecologies as we co-exist with our environment through sustainable living practices & celebrate the earth through its many sensual offerings. That’s what ecosexuality means, to us. 

Duality of Ahimsa

As an extension of nature, we believe in self-care.