Empowering Curious Minds & Open Hearts

The Earth as a lover, not a mother


At Learning to Fly with Tangled wings, we believe that all life is intrinsically connected by & to the uniting concept & energy of nature. We are individual & varying expressions of that underlying unity & sameness. 

By developing our understandings of the natural world, we are able to better learn how to live in sync with it & as part of it, instead of imposing upon it. To study & co-exist with & as part of nature is our practice of ecosex. We prioritize this relationship by respecting & caring for our environment in a way that offers gratitude for the many resources it offers us. Through this practice, we create a sustainable relationship with the earth to facilitate the health & wellbeing of our natural world & as an extension of that, the health & well-being of ourselves.

We believe in treating nature, including ourselves & each other, with the utmost love & respect. Where as a mother may tolerate bad behavior out of love for a child, the earth does not & it must be treated with care in order to continue to provide the resources we require to live on this planet. As an extension of nature, we strive to create a sustainable relationship with our regional ecologies as we co-exist with our environment through sustainable living practices & celebrate the earth through its many sensual offerings. That’s what ecosexuality means, to us. 

Duality of Ahimsa

As an extension of nature, we believe in self-care.

Environmentalism & Minimalism

less is more

As an extension of nature, we strive to holistically align with the wellness of the earth through our daily choices & prioritize the health of our environment by doing more with less. Minimalism often brings to mind images of stark interior design or organized pantries. Minimalism, to me, is about stripping away the unnecessary attachments, as discovered through yoga & symbolically expressed through rope, that bring undue stress to ourselves & our environment. Join me on this adventure as we explore what it truly means to do more with less.